Maid Rite Feeds has been manufacturing bulk and bagged livestock feeds, minerals, supplements and grains, for Arizona and New Mexico Ranches, Dairies, and Back Yard producers since 1984 at our only location in Willcox, Arizona. We are very proud of our large feed store that is stocked full with a Friendly Experienced Staff to help you with all your pet, livestock, insect control, tack, household items, farm toys, cooking and cleanings supplies, stock tanks, and corral panel needs. Working with qualified Nutritionists in all livestock areas to formulate nutritionally balanced feed programs with the highest quality ingredients available. Maid Rite Feeds, has stringent quality control policies in place set forth by FDA to assure that you are receiving the highest quality product possible, every ingredient and manufactured product is backed by a 100% guarantee for their nutritional and quality values. Maid Rite Feeds is proud of being a locally owned and operated Arizona company and even prouder to be able serve our loyal customers we know as neighbors, in this ever so changing industry. For all your nutritional needs or inquiries come in for a visit or call and we will work together for a nutritionally sound tomorrow.


Maid Rites Co. Owners!
Pictured from left to right below: David Thompson, Tina Thompson, Cheryl Moss, Shelley Thompson, Billy Thompson