Cattle 3C Products

All 3C Cattle Feeders:

  • Are Chain-Driven
  • Have a 6" Auger
  • Have a patented digital counter that measures within 2LBS per every 100LBS
  • Are the width of a pickup bed and do not extend above the cab unless larger the 2,000LB capacity
  • Have a 4" sight hold for rear visibility
  • Have a tough metal waterproof cover
  • feature a solid metal frame and feeder
  • contain heavy-duty wiring
  • Have vibrators available for light, fluffy feed
  • must be greased every 50 hours of use for optimum performance



Approx Capacity (LBS) Feeder Size (Inches) Feeder Weight (LBS)
1200 34x73x41 Tall 570