Cattle 3C Products

All 3C Cattle Feeders:

  • Are Chain-Driven
  • Have a 6" Auger
  • Have a patented digital counter that measures within 2LBS per every 100LBS
  • Are the width of a pickup bed and do not extend above the cab unless larger the 2,000LB capacity
  • Have a 4" sight hold for rear visibility
  • Have a tough metal waterproof cover
  • feature a solid metal frame and feeder
  • contain heavy-duty wiring
  • Have vibrators available for light, fluffy feed
  • must be greased every 50 hours of use for optimum performance



Approx Capacity (LBS) Feeder Size (Inches) Feeder Weight (LBS)
1200 34x73x41 Tall 570
1500 36x73x41 Tall 610
2000 41x73x43 Tall 650